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Cube Drafting

Cube drafting follows the same rules as regular booster drafting, with the exception that packs are created out of a pre-existing collection of cards known as the "Cube".

The cube contains only 1 copy of each card. Cards are balanced between all colors, and spread out across various converted mana costs.

At the start of a cube draft, the entire cube is shuffled together. Once the cube is sufficiently randomized, players create 3 packs of 15 cards for each player. Packs should be created randomly and face-down so as not to reveal any information about what cards may be in a pack.

Players draft, build their decks and play normally.

Unlike booster drafts where you get to keep the cards you draft, all cube items must be returned to the cube at the end of any cube event.

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Pauper Cube

A pauper cube has been created! It features cards of common rarity from various sets.

The pauper cube list can be found here.

The pauper cube is broken down into 70 cards for WUBRG. White and Green both have 40 creatures and 30 spells, while Blue and Black both have 30 creatures and 40 spells. Red has 35 creatures and 35 spells.

Multicolor cards are distributed evenly across all combinations. Colored cards that emphasise certain multicolor combinations are counted separately from core WUBRG cards, and are also balanced across all combinations.

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Vintage Cube

Anything goes in this cube!

A vintage cube list will be posted in the future

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Donating to the Cube

A "want" list for each cube will be posted soon. Feel free to donate any cards on the want list to help make the cube better for everyone!

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Using the PL2 Cube

The PL2 Cube is available for use by PL2 members while at the library.

All cards, sleeves and accessories must be returned to library staff after use. Members using the cube are responsible for any missing resources.

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