Points and Standings

What Are PL2 Points

All PL2 match results at PL2 Events are recorded and entered into our tracking system. PL2 Points are awarded in the same manner as Planeswalker Points.

How Do I Earn PL2 Points?

PL2 Points are earned based on the following formula for each PL2 event:

((Participation Points + Match Points) * Event Multiplier) + Bonus Points

Participation Points

Each PL2 event is assigned a number of participation points based on the number of participants in that event.

Number of ParticipantsParticipation Points
2 - 151
16 - 312
32 - 633
64 - 1274
128 - 2555
256 - 5116
512 - 10237
1024 - 20478
2048 +9

Match Points

Each match win at a PL2 event earns that player 3 PL2 Points.

Each match drawn at a PL2 event earns that player 1 PL2 Point.

Event Multiplier

Special PL2 events will receive a higher event multiplier than regular PL2 events.

Bonus Points

Bonus points may be awarded at certain PL2 events.


A player enters a PL2 event with 24 players. That player earns 2 Participation Points (16 - 31 players).

That player competes in 5 rounds, and finishes with a record of 3-1-1 (3 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw). That player earns 10 Match Points (9 for matches won + 1 for matches drawn).

Assuming this is a special PL2 event, there's an event multiplier of 2 in effect. The player's 12 points (2 Participation Points and 10 Match Points) are then multiplied by 2, yielding a total of 24 Regular Points.

Assuming there is an award of 5 Bonus Points in effect, the player will end up with a total of 29 PL2 Points (24 Regular Points + 5 Bonus Points).

What Are PL2 Standings?

PL2 standings rank players according to the number of PL2 points they've earned playing at PL2 events.

PL2 standings are calculated by period:

  • Monthly
  • Seasonally
  • Yearly
  • Lifetime

PL2 standings are also calculated by event type:

  • Limited
  • Constructed

Players earn participation rewards based on their PL2 standings and PL2 point totals at regular intervals.

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