Video Conferencing


Video conferencing is available through a broadband internet connection attached to a LifeSize Team 200 Video Conferencing System with the following features:

  • 720p30 HD PTZ Camera
  • H.261, H.263, H.263+, H.264 and H.239 Video Standards
  • HD Audio
  • Embedded HD Multipoint Control Unit

Our video conferencing unit is integrated directly with our 65" LCD Television by default, but can be extended or toggled to the SMART Board if desired.

Our codec supports the H.239 dual streaming video standard, and can be configured to stream video output from the Smart-1 computer in parallel with a standard video conference.


Our video conferencing unit supports connections from up to 3 external parties, allowing for up to 4-way HD conferencing.

You can connect to our video conferencing unit via these addresses:


You must provide library staff with the addresses of any units you will be connecting to prior to the start of your event.

Our video conferencing unit operates in public IP space. Any video conferencing unit you wish to connect to must also operate in public IP space.

If you need to connect to a unit residing on a private video conferencing network, you must contact that party's Information Technology (IT) department for details on how to connect to an external video conferencing unit operating in public IP space. If that party's IT department is unable to facilitate this type of connection, you may have to utilize a third-party bridging solution. This option can be incredibly expensive, and is not a fee covered by your Shaw Community Hub rental.

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