Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is made available through a Logitech QuickCam Orbit AF HD WebCam attached to the Smart-1 computer. This WebCam features noise cancellation codecs, allowing for uninterrupted audio transmission.

We highly recommend using the provided Bridgit web conferencing software, as it has a small installation footprint, does not use any third party connections, and typically results in higher throughput and greater connection quality. However, if you would prefer to use a third party web conferencing solution, such as Skype, Facebook or Google Hangouts, these can be made available on the Smart-1 computer. Please let FFPLTC Staff know of any connectivity requirements prior to your booking.

SMART Bridgit

You can easily host or join a web conference at the FFPLTC using our SMART Bridgit Web Conferencing Server!

Bridgit allows users to connect instantly and share voice, video and date over the internet in real time. Combined with the SMART Board, this enables participants to efficiently share ideas, and manipulate data at a distance.

Host a Meeting

  1. Launch SMART Meeting Pro, which is installed on the Smart-1 computer
  2. Instruct your remote participants to visit http://extranet.ffpltc.ca/use/space/conferencing/web and download our SMART Bridgit client

Connect to a Meeting

  1. Download Bridgit from this page for your operating system. This is a small download, with no installation footprint. Simply run the executable, and you're instantly connected!
  2. Run the downloaded file
  3. Connect to the FFPLTC's Bridgit server: smart.ffpltc.ca:9879
  4. The password to connect is: ffpltc
  5. Choose a meeting from the dropdown list and join it
  6. Run the Audio and Video Setup Wizard to configure your WebCam and / or microphone.

Download SMART Bridgit

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