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    1. Eligible Activities

      Members of the FFPL Board and FFPLTC Staff shall be reimbursed for such limited expenses as are actually incurred (as detailed in Travel Allowances) as a result of attending outside the Town of Fort Frances any meeting, conference, convention, training course, school or seminar, including reasonable expenses incurred during travel time to or from that destination for which attendance has been duly authorized by FFPL Board or CEO as appropriate.

    2. Budget

      Where budgets provide amounts for travel and training, but without specific details, attendance may be approved by the CEO.

      In the situation where an event arises and the approved travel budget for the FFPLTC has been exceeded, attendance will be considered by the FFPL Board based on value and organizational need.

    3. Receipts

      Receipts shall be required for all expenses, including meals.

      Maximum payment shall be as per the rates established in Travel Allowances.

    4. Advances

      1. The Municipal Treasurer is authorized to issue an accountable advance in accordance with the amounts shown in Travel Allowances, provided a written request (Travel Advance Request), signed by the person requesting the advance and the CEO, and complete with an agenda attached, is received at least 10 days prior to the date required.
      2. If the participant chooses to return to Fort Frances prior to the completion of the session, allowances shall be adjusted accordingly.

        If the advance has already been received, a refund must be subsequently issued to the Town within 5 days, following date of return.

        Any adjustments to the expense advance must be requested within 5 days following date of return.

        If additional expenses are not requested within this time frame, it will be deemed that the advance paid was accurate of any expenses incurred.

    5. Subsidies

      Where cost of course attendance is subsidized by an outside agency, either in whole or in part, the participant will be advanced an expense allowance, and other costs will be paid in accordance with this policy.

      Participants must reimburse the FFPLTC when the expense is recovered from the outside agency.

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    Transportation Costs

    1. Airfare

      1. Travel by air shall be economy class.

        Reservations prior to approvals may be pursued to take advantage of discounted rates.

      2. If the participant drives his or her personal vehicle to a destination beyond 385 kilometers (240 miles), the lesser of the regular economy airfare or the mileage at the current rate to the destination will be paid.

        Expenses will not be paid for additional travel time required because of driving to a destination in lieu of flying.

      3. Discounted airfare shall be taken advantage of wherever possible, without forcing the attendee to spend additional time away from home or work.

        If an attendee is agreeable to a Saturday night stay over (as a condition of air fare at a reduced amount), the cost of the stay over at normal expense rates shall be paid by the FFPL Board, where an overall savings will be realized to the FFPL Board.

        Such savings calculations shall be detailed within the expense statements.

      4. If an attendee chooses to travel by ground or air and leave from a destination other than Fort Frances, or return home via another route because of personal reasons, the attendee shall reimburse the excess cost to the FFPL Board.
    2. Mileage

      1. Those required to furnish their private vehicles for transportation purposes shall be reimbursed for such use by the FFPL Board at the rate as outlined in Travel Allowances.
      2. Kilometer distances have been established for frequently traveled to destinations, and are as follows:
        1. Atikokan

          300 Kilometers

        2. Dryden

          400 Kilometers

        3. Kenora

          460 Kilometers

        4. Rainy River

          190 Kilometers

        5. Sioux Lookout

          600 Kilometers

        6. Thunder Bay

          720 Kilometers

        7. Winnipeg

          720 Kilometers

      3. Municipal vehicles are to be used, whenever available, when attending meetings, seminars, conferences, etc. in Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba.

        Bookings are to be arranged in the Civic Centre Log Book.

        The reasonable carrying of non-employees on trips is permitted.

      4. When a municipal vehicle is available, and the attendee chooses to utilize their personal vehicle for whatever reason (e.g. transporting personal items, or simply because of personal preference), the attendee will be reimbursed for actual fuel costs only.

        Receipts must be submitted with the expense claim.

        The Town of Fort Frances assumes no insurance liability in this regard, and employees are advised to consult their insurance companies accordingly.

        The employee must complete Travel Waiver of Liability prior to travel.

      5. On the occasions when a municipal vehicle is not available, the attendee will be paid mileage as per this policy.

        The Town of Fort Frances assumes no liability for insurance or any additional expenses incurred as a result of operating one’s own vehicle.

        Employees are advised to consult their insurance companies accordingly.

        The FFPL Board Chair must authorize requests for payment of mileage.

        The employee must complete Travel Waiver of Liability prior to travel.

    3. Registration Fees

      All delegate function registration fees will be paid by the FFPL Board, including combination events with meals which would normally be attended by the registrants.

      Pure leisure optional events are not eligible for expense payment.

    4. Other Travel Costs

      Cost of ground transportation from the flight destination city or town to the session city or town shall be paid based on the actual cost incurred.

      Participants should, whenever feasibly possible, take the most economical form of transportation.

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    Travel Time

    1. All travel time, including travel on a Saturday, Sunday, or statutory holiday, will be compensated on a straight hour for hour basis equal to the time in transit required either by air or ground transportation to the destination and return only.
    2. All employees are entitled to be compensated up to maximum of 7 or 8 hours per day (based on an employee’s normal workday) for travel time.

      Such travel time will be taken off as lieu time at the discretion of the CEO.

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    1. It is the responsibility of the participant to request expense advances, submit registration forms, book accommodations and make travel arrangements.
    2. Expense statements shall be submitted to the Municipal Treasurer on the Travel Expense Statement, within 14 days of the last expense being incurred.
    3. The CEO shall approve expense statements.
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  • Travel Allowances

    All taxes and gratuities included and all figures are in Canadian Dollars. Alcohol will not be reimbursed.

    The maximum daily meal allowance outside Northwestern Ontario is $75, and $63 inside Northwestern Ontario.

    All meals must be accompanied by a receipt.

    Breakfast may not be claimed on the day of departure (unless prior to 6:00AM), and dinner may not be claimed on the day of return unless the return is after 6:00PM.

    For partial days and when meals have been included in conference registration, the following will be used:

    Outside NWO

    • Meal Allowance

      • Breakfast


      • Lunch


      • Dinner


    • Accountable Expense Advances

      These will be processed in the following amount:

      $180.00 per Day

    • Vehicle Mileage

      $0.45 per Kilometer

    Inside NWO

    • Meal Allowance

      • Breakfast


      • Lunch


      • Dinner


    • Accountable Expense Advances

      These will be processed in the following amount:

      $150.00 per Day

    Sudbury and west (including Manitoba) are considered inside Northwestern Ontario (NWO). Locations east and south of Sudbury are considered outside NWO.

    In order to keep current, the meal allowance and mileage rates shall be reviewed on an annual basis. These rates will remain consistent with the policies of the Town of Fort Frances.


  • Northwestern Ontario